Miniature Tricycle Models Crafted by Guy with No Hands

Dumaguete City – A small town in Central Visayas, Philippines, there’s a guy with no hands who can craft intricate small-scale models of the tricycle, the most common mode of public transportation in the city and almost entire Philippines.

Based on photographer Denniz Futalan, this guy was trained by his boss, the owner of Ct Limit Digital Electronic Service Center, to create these intricate pieces and he has truly mastered the art of crafting these small but grand masterpieces!

Considering that this guy did not have hands at all, we could only imagine how difficult it is for him to create these small pieces as each one surely requires nimble fingers yet he managed to craft these awesome pieces nonetheless.

According to the photographer, this man works at a Digital Electronic Service Center in Dumaguete, and that he was trained by the owner to do these tricycle scale models. Called Pediboxes, these are sold for P500 apiece. If you’re interested, you may get these at the art workshop on the second level of Robinsons Place Dumaguete.